Taro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

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Specializing in the namesake Taiwanese dessert, Taro Ball is among the first to offer this icy sweet dish in Bangkok. Despite looking a bit like our bualoy,  the treats here are eaten cold instead of hot. 

Taro ball is a generic name for the dough ball made from flour and taro, or other starchy vegetables like yellow and purple sweet potato, which they produce in-house here every two hours.

They offer taro ball sets (ice, toppings and syrup, B100) with options including green beans, lotus seeds, bubbles, red beans and Job’s tears, as well as grass jelly in milk sets with the same toppings.

On top of the sweets, there are also Taiwanese drinks like winter melon tea (starting B60) and milk tea (starting B80).

Taro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripTaro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripTaro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripTaro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

Taro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

Taro Ball曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

营业时间:daily 11:30am-10pm地理位置:Siam餐厅菜色:Dessert餐厅地址:Taro Ball, 207/3-4 Siam Square (opposite MBK) Phaya Thai Rd.,Bangkok, Thailand附近交通:BTS National Stadium